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Q. What fixings do you recommend to install your FENCING?

A. All Fixings and brackets are supplied with Superior and Ultimate Range products. Composite material is subject to expansion and contraction under changes in temperature, we allow 450mm minimum on each post, so that you can bury it in the ground in order to give your fence enough rigidity and strength to with stand 70 mph winds . the 450mm of post should be anchored in a 300mm minimum width hole and then refilled with dry mix concrete to secure. We can help you estimate the amount of concrete for installation, these are available to order as separate items on our website.

Q. Do I need to have spacing and gaps between products?

A. As composite and plastic material expands and contract down the length of the product from changes in temperature, we do always suggest a small expansion gap is left between the post and the boards of each product. The correct spacing required can be found in the installation guide.

Q. What tools are required for installation?

A. To install Superior and Ultimate products you will only require basic woodwork tools, Hand Drill and lmpact Driver. we recommend a Circular Saw with a thin kerf 40-tooth alternate top bevel finish blade to achieve the cleanest cuts and accuracy of the installation for cutting the final boards in the last run.

Q. Do your products come with an installation guide?

A. Yes, all of the products listed on the website come with an easy to understand and downloadable installation guide that we strongly recommend using.

Q. Do you have recommended installers I can use?

A. Yes eComposite Products has an extensive network of recommended installers who we trust to bring your plans to reality. We have chosen these installers for their high quality of work and professionalism, but as with any third party, we recommend that you follow your own precautions before entering into a contract with them.