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Composite fencing removes the need for painting, helping you to enjoy your colour selection for longer

Is there a need for painting composite fencing? You’ll be pleased to know that the simple answer is no; our composite fence slats and composite fence posts all come supplied in your chosen fencing colour, without you picking up your paintbrush.

In this article, we will outline the problems with painting alternative fencing types, why you shouldn’t paint composite materials, and the range of colour options available from eComposite Products’ range of composite fencing. Let’s take a look.

The Problem With Painting Composite Fencing

Painting a garden fence is a long, drawn-out process, requiring multiple coats of paint to ensure a consistent finish. Even though installing timber fencing is cheaper in the short term than with our composite options, it’s important to remember the additional expenses that come with buying the paint and preservatives needed to keep timber fencing looking its best.

With any composite fencing solution, there is no need to paint the surface of your composite fence panels or aluminium fence posts. We advise that you do not paint your composite fencing at all, as the chemicals could irreparably damage both the surface and core of the composite material itself, which could void your residential or commercial lifetime warranty.

Fade Resistant Qualities

Because of fading from sunlight and damage from weathering, painting your timber fencing is a task that needs repeating, often annually, to maintain the desired “brand new” look for your panels. This can cause headaches; you have to be consistent with how you apply the paint, otherwise drips can run, causing bumps to form and dry on the surface of your boards.

In contrast, with eComposite Products composite fencing solution, the UV-inhibitors imbued in the material makeup of both the boards and posts, ensure the colour of your fencing is retained for the long term. For long-life colour, the smart choice is with eComposite Products fencing.

eComposite Products Fencing Colour Options

eComposite Products fencing comes supplied in your choice of premium colours, completely negating the time-consuming task of painting individual posts and panels. The boards are made from recycled wood and recycled plastic, and secured together with a bonding agent. The same process and materials are used for the u channels provided for concrete insert kits. The capping rails and posts are made from aluminium and are powder coated in our graphite grey colour to match.

Not sure what colour will work with your outdoor garden designs? Visit our handy fencing pages which allow you to click between our different colours, and see how your fencing will look when incorporating our cut-out screen designs. If you want a close-up look at the colours we offer, you can order a sample pack to see how each colour looks in person or visit our brand-new showroom.

Refresh & Rejuvenate Without Repainting Your Timber Fencing

Put the paintbrush away; if you already have a timber fence installed and want to move away from the constant upkeep that comes with it, then we’ve got you covered. Because so many people already have legacy fencing from previous builds, at eComposite Products we have devised a solution that lets you keep the original foundational framework, whilst swapping out your tired fencing panels with our composite boards.

Our concrete post insert is designed to be fixed in the groove of your original concrete posts, acting as a channel for the tongue-and-groove fencing boards and capping rails to slide into place. eComposite Products composite fence slats can be cut down to size with standard woodworking tools if the distance between your existing posts is less than 1.8m. So what are you waiting for? Ditch those timber panels and stop spending time painting, and instead enjoy the eComposite Products modular fencing solution.