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Superior Composite Gate

Our Superior Composite Gate produce a long-lasting, durable and extremely low-maintenance type of gate. There is no risk of warps, splitting or rot and no need to treat or stain the gate ever again. Our...

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Purchasing our Range of superior Composite fencing has the following items included in the fence kit in the choice of colour you choose.

  • 1 x Aluminium Framed Composite Gate
    CP9X18/G/C | CP9X18/G/W | CP9X18/G/IO
    CP9X18/G/PG-WG | CP9X18/G/SG-WG | CP9X18/G/SGS
  • 2 x Hinges to be installed onto a post / wall
  • 1 x Floor mount hinge
  • 1 x Lock to suit Euro cylinder with screws      
  • 2 Door Handles (1LH & 1RH) inc screws       
  • 1 x Euro Cylinder    
  • 3 KEYS     
    This will be a left or right hand opening Door Stop depending on the way the gate is installed

All the above items are the individual items that make up a “Composite Gate” The Aluminium Gate comes with all the holes for Hinges, Lock and Handles Pre- Drilled all you have to do is assemble it ( these parts are not assembled to prevent them from being damaged in transit. )

With our gates, we provide a left hand opening and a right hand opening gate. To determine which you require, please think of where the gate will be installed and if you are using your right hand to open the gate outwards to the right you will require a right hand gate. If you are using your left hand to open the gate outwards you will require a left hand gate.

Please use the below image to confirm

Gate only - This means you will receive the gate, hinges, handles, locks and door stop without any additional posts.

Gate installed in between fencing - This means you will receive the gate, hinges, handles, locks and door stop with an included 2.4m Gate Post. Our gates posts are 3mm thick so can withstand the weight of the gate much better than a Fencing Kit Post or End Post

It is vital if you need a gate installing in between a run of fencing (free-standing) that the 'in between fencing' option is selected and purchased. When installing the gate in the run of fencing, the Gate Post (SGP2.4GRA) needs to be used for the hinges to be installed on to so this will be the load bearing side and will withstand the weight of the gate much better.

Gate against a wall - This means you will receive the gate, hinges, handles, locks and a door stop with an included End Post. The End Post would be installed against the wall and the gate needs to be hinge side installed onto that End Post.


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