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Completing a garden project is extremely satisfying, especially when you know you have chosen the best products. Composite gates, decking and fencing are popular options in the UK due to their long-lasting, durable, and low-maintenance qualities, making them the ideal choice for your garden.


This article will explore the suitability of composite gates for your garden to ensure you make the right decision for your home.

How Long Do Composite Gates Last?

Our range of composite gates at eComposite Products are designed to match our fencing collection perfectly. They come with a 5 year warranty and will last even longer if they are well looked after.

Are Composite Gates Strong?

Like our fencing, when installed and closed correctly, our composite gate collection is designed and certified to withstand 150mph strong winds. The composite material used for our fencing and gates is rigorously tested for strength. 

Does A Composite Gate Increase The Value Of Your Property?

An individual composite gate might not increase your property value. However, if it’s part of a wider installation that includes fencing and matching decking or cladding, it can.


This is because the garden will look great and have increased security. A good fencing system and gate also provide great levels of privacy.

Benefits Of Composite Gates

Composite gates present a superb choice for residential properties in the UK. A quality composite garden gate can deliver a wide range of advantages, including:



Composite gates and fencing serve as an excellent means to secure a garden, minimising visibility for passersby and deterring opportunistic criminals. Our pre-built composite gates include high-quality lock systems for enhanced security.



Privacy from neighbours and nearby properties is a priority for many homeowners. Our composite garden gates provide an ideal solution for creating a private garden area, as the composite boards used leave no gaps for prying eyes.



While composite fencing secures the garden, easy access remains crucial for many homeowners. A high-quality, lockable composite garden gate ensures convenient access without compromising security.


Low Maintenance

Composite gates require minimal maintenance, as they don’t need painting or treatments to prevent rot. The weatherproof system only requires occasional cleaning for optimal performance.



Designed for longevity with minimal maintenance, our composite gates offer peace of mind with a 5 year warranty.



Composite materials, known for their durability, offer hard-wearing options that withstand day-to-day use.


What are composite gates made from?

Our composite materials use reclaimed wood fibres and recycled plastic.


How much do composite gates cost?

Our composite gates come in a range of competitive prices, visit our gates page to find out more.


Do composite wood/plastic gates need professional installation?

Our composite gates can be self-installed with the help of detailed installation guides, but proper installation is crucial for product performance and warranty.


Are composite gates better than metal gates?

Composite gates offer a durable and cost-effective alternative to heavy, expensive metal gates, providing privacy without sacrificing longevity.


For a modern and stylish gate system, our composite collection is an ideal choice. The composite panels are designed to last, matching seamlessly with our composite fencing range. With various colours and easy-to-install pre-built designs, our gates offer great garden access, enhanced security, privacy, and style.