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Slate Grey Wood Grain Superior Deluxe Composite Fencing Kit

Our Slate Grey Wood Grain Superior Deluxe Composite Fencing Kit transforms your garden with stylish, low-maintenance composite fencing. Available in 5 colours and 5 different heights.

Available heights: 1m, 2m, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft.

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What's included?

Purchasing our Range of Superior Composite fencing has the following items included in the fence kit in the choice of colour you choose. 

1 x Aluminium Post – 68mm x 68mm (Graphite)
1.9m Length Posts are provided for 1m and 4ft Fencing
2.4m Length Posts are provided for 5ft and 6ft Fencing
2.7m Length Posts are provided for 2m Fencing

1 x Aluminium Post Cover Strip (Graphite)

2 x Aluminium Board Stoppers (Graphite)

1 x Vinyl Post Cap (Graphite)

1 x Aluminium Top Rail (Graphite)

1 x Aluminium Bottom Rail (Graphite)

Composite Tongue and Groove Boards
Slate Grey Wood Grain / Pebble Grey Wood Grain / Chestnut / Walnut / Irish Oak
1m – 5 Boards
4ft – 6 Boards
5ft – 7 Boards
6ft – 9 Boards
2m – 10 Boards

1m overall measurement would be 1033mm (103.3cm)
This measurement includes 5 Boards, 1 Top Rail and 1 Bottom Rail

4ft overall measurement would be 1233mm (123.3cm)
This measurement includes 6 Boards, 1 Top Rail and 1 Bottom Rail

5ft overall measurement would be 1433mm (143.3cm)
This measurement includes 7 Boards, 1 Top Rail and 1 Bottom Rail

6ft overall measurement would be 1833mm (183.3cm)
This measurement includes 9 Boards, 1 Top Rail and 1 Bottom Rail

2m overall measurement would be 2033mm (203.3cm)
This measurement includes 10 Boards, 1 Top Rail and 1 Bottom Rail

Yes, you will require an End Post to finish the run. The first End Post is included in the Fencing Kit however if you require multiple, these will be an additional cost. With our End Posts you will receive the below;

  • 1 x Aluminium Post
    1.9m Length Posts are required for 1m and 4ft Fencing
    2.4m Length Posts are required for 5ft and 6ft Fencing
    2.7m Length Posts are required for 2m Fencing

Our Irish Oak, Chestnut and Walnut are supplied with a Wood Grain finish on both sides however our Slate Grey and Pebble Grey have a Wood Grain effect on the one side and are a plain finish on the other side.

Yes, our products are similar to conventional fencing to install and are very easy.

This warranty is valid for WPC Wood Plastic Composite. eComposite Products Ltd. (Hereinafter “Supplier”) will replace any Composite product used in the proper application which flakes, corrodes, or becomes structurally unfit from rotting, splitting, warping, checks, or damage caused by termites or fungal decay for the lifetime of the product. This Warranty does not cover the cost of installation, removal of debris/waste, reinstallation, colour variations or fading. The Suppliers sole obligation is limited to replacement of Superior Range of Composite only and shall have no further obligation or liability except as stated herein. Exclusions: This Warranty does not apply to any Superior Range of Composite which is:

  • Damaged by force majeure, acts of warDamaged due to transportation or malfunctionHas not been installed in accordance with provided installation guidelines, local building codes, deed restricted community rules and regulationsHas been used, modified or otherwise treated in a manner not intended by the ManufacturerNormal wear and tear which doesn’t affect the use of products, such as small colour difference, fade, small cracking and warping which is due to long time use

Failure to follow or notice any restrictions supplied with the product or not in accordance with local building codes, deed restricted community rules and regulations shall make the warranty null and void and of no further effect. The Manufacturer reserves the right to inspect the materials, investigate any and all claims in which a claim has been made.Any and all construction utilizing Superior Range of Composite must be in accordance with all local zoning and or building codes. In obtaining refund or replacement, the original owner must submit its claim along with this warranty certificate, original purchase invoice stating purchase date, pictures of defective products and a detailed description to: Website: Email: Manufacturer’s warranty shall apply only to Superior Range of products.In no event shall the supplier be liable for labour or other expenses incurred by the purchaser, or special, incidental, exemplary or consequential damages of any kind of manufacturer’s liability arising out of the manufacture, sale or supply of the Superior Range of products or their use, whether based upon warranty, contract, tort or otherwise shall not exceed the actual purchase price paid by the purchaser for the superior Range products.


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